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Update on Videos and what's coming up

Posted by Nick Grube on December 30, 2014 at 5:20 PM

You've probably noticed that I've been posting more often lately than I've been in the last year. I know I've been saying a lot that I'm gonna come back and make more content and I always seem to jinks myself so as of right now, WE'LL SEE! I'm on Christmas break at the moment so I have a lot more time on my hands to make videos. I can't promise that they'll be constantly coming out like this in the coming weeks, but whatever. Keep checking in on regular basis just in case we have some new content.

Most of the videos I've been posting lately have had little to no writing, the Hess Truck video was completely unscripted and the twiddle video was just notes. I feel like they come out better that way, when I'm just being spontaneous. It's easier for me to just be myself and act goofy when I'm just speaking in the moment. So for the most part, the videos you'll see coming up in the near future will be completely off the top of my head and natural, with the acception of the more elaborate videos that have actual lines and actors and shit, but with just simple videos where I'm just talking at a camera, it's gonna be on the spot. Not only will it sound better, but it'll save a lot more time on production. I've come a long with way with making these videos, when you look back at the stuff I made in 2012 and even early 2013, I was very camera shy and wasn't very good at talking to a camera whether I was using a script or improvising. I'm a lot more comfortable on camera now and can just act like an asshole offhand. Alright I'm done rambling about that now, so let's move on. :D

So what videos can you expect in the near future? Well I'm going to be doing a lot more music reviews. It seems that people are enjoying those and it's gathering a new audience to my videos. Not to mention it's just fun to ramble on about obscure bands so yeah I'll have more of those coming. Also I'm working on a ton of board game reviews at the moment. I've been writing out several episodes and you should see a batch of them being posted in the next few months as they'll all be filmed at the same time. It's gonna be dope! Of coarse more Twisted Nick episodes will be released soon. I also wanna do more toy reviews. Had a great time doing that hess review and I look forward to making more. All this and then some in the coming weeks.

Okay one more thing, I am considering redesigning my website and giving it a phresher, smoother look. I've been happy with the way it's been for the past couple of years but I think it's time it gets a new style, and make it more user friendly. New features will most likely be added to make it more dynamic, and I'm investing in better equipment to speed up the site. It's currently just a thought and I haven't started working on any of the new components yet. This won't take affect until, most likely, half way through 2015. Just something to be on the lookout for. If you read this all the way through then give yourself a pat on the back because I did a lot of rambling in this post. Aight that's it! Stay tuned and enjoy the upcoming content! :)

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