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  1. What is Smartnick Productions?

    Smartnick Productions is my one man production company that I started where the one main goal is to entertain.

  2. How often will Twisted Nick episodes get released?

    Right now they're getting released twice a month (Usually every 2-3 weeks on Tuesday). That's the schedule for them that I try to keep up with.

  3. Why don't you make a feature film?

    I have plans for many feature length films. It’s just a matter of time before I can commit to starting & finishing one. I have so many ideas, I’ll never catch up. I’ll never have time to make all the movies I want to, so I kept them all as short as possible. It’s also important to respect the audiences’ attention spans. I don’t believe we always need 2 hours to tell a story. For example, it’s like in English class when you have to write a 10 page paper when you can really explain everything you need to say in only 3 pages. You don't need to add all these bullshit fillers.

    I think the format of a short film is a more concise way of engaging an audience. I think this requirement of length that's been drilled into our heads is forcing many writers to stretch out their stories.

    Like I said, I have so many different film ideas I'm trying to make, all which I'm equally excited about. I'd rather make a ton of shorts than just one feature. Ideas get old. If I spend 6 years on one film, I'll get bored and along the way, I'll come up with more fresh ideas. That's really frustrating when you're stuck on an old stale project that you started a while ago and want to start something new.

    I always get asked: Why can't you dedicate to ONE idea? Well, some men can't dedicate themselves to one woman. I have so many different films I want to make, some funny, some scary, all DIFFERENT! To get locked down with one idea, I'll be restricting myself.

  4. How many movies to you hope to make?

    TOO MANY!!! I can't even count all the ideas I have in my head. Even if I make them all short films (5-30 minutes), I'll still never get a chance to make all of them in my lifetime. It's frustrting when you have so many ideas in your head but there's no way that all of them will come to life. I've already made 200+ movies. 

  5. How often do you make videos

    They're not on any set schedule for releasing, but on average, there's usually 2-5 per week. Sometimes more, and sometimes less. They hardly ever get released in the order that they're shot. But, there's tons of stuff in the works so keep checking in.

  6. How do you record your game footage?

    All my game clips are recording to DVD, while I'm playing them. After i'm done, But then, how you get the DVD footage into your computer is up to you. Well, I just playback the DVD in a DVD player that's connected to my computer.

    There are also programs made for ripping DVD's, but I don't use them, because they don't do a good job, they take a long time, and when I import the footage into Final Cut, I have to render it first. So in the long run, it takes more time.

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